Fujitsu Fi-6000NS Software Download

Fujitsu Fi-6000NS Software Download

Fujitsu Fi-6000NS Software Download

Fujitsu Fi-6000NS Software Download – The fi-6000NS is the initial system linkage and operation encouraging person in the fi-Series line-up. Discussing much of the tested engineering used in different scanners of the well-known fi-Series line-up, the fi-6000NS is effective at digitizing an extraordinary 25 double sided color and dark & white A4 pages a moment (200dpi). Most of us possibly photograph flatbeds when we think of business scanners, however the sheet-feed scanner still includes a position, particularly when the unit is meant to be shared by a workgroup around a network. To be able to go around a scanner, drop a number of documents in to their feed dish and ask them to scanned to your desktop could be a really successful method, especially when the scanner, as with the Fujitsu fi-6000NS, can scan both factors of the paper in one single go and in colour.

The Fujitsu design is strange in being not just a sheet-feed scanner, but additionally in having both a keyboard and an 8.4inch, XGA decision touchscreen bolted on the front. For those familiar with Fujitsu business scanners, the process is exactly like in the fi-5120C. The keyboard is a US 101 structure, therefore there’s number pound sterling indicator, but there aren’t many e-mail addresses or fax figures that require one. The keyboard and monitor are expected because the unit works as an electric sender, along with a scanner. Having giving facilities indicates you could well be able to ditch a vintage departmental fax, as long as you have system fax software in your Windows 2000 or 2003 server. You will need to be able to put e-mail addresses or fax figures to deliver papers and the touchscreen gives the capacity to view the runs and conduct simple watching manipulations, such as rotation and resizing.

Scanned sheets feed from an ADF dish at a corner, that may take around 50 sheets at a time, through to a result dish which only jobs a quick way from the front. The whole unit includes a meagre footprint of just 360mm (W) by 394mm (D), though the top edge of their feed dish is 390mm above the desktop. You can feed paper and card – including printed card – and the scanner’s twin heads scan both factors of every sheet at once. That’s why it can scan up to 50 factors per minute in duplex setting, but only half that, single-sided. You do not have setting any switches to show from setting to one other; the scanner automatically registers what you’re putting through.

In reality, the fi-6000NS does lots of intelligent checking. In addition to exercising if there’s material using one or both sides of the paper, it checks for blank sheets and removes any it finds. It may also work-out the orientation and size of fed pages, de-skewing any at odd sides, and comes with an ultrasonic warning to check on for numerous feeds. If two or more sheets proceed through at once, it signals you so you can re-scan them. The scanner can take sheets around A4 or US Appropriate and there’s also facilities for extended pages, such as areas or banners, around 34inches in length. All of this intelligent review indicates the scanner is virtually a no-brainer to use. You can drop through almost any group of flat papers – number paperclips or basics, please – and the scanner will create some electronic documents from them. These can be in TIF, JPEG or PDF models and you can specify searchable PDF along with bitmap photographs of the pages.

Once scanned, the touchscreen reveals photographs of the pages, so you can delete any scanned one, before giving them through the network. Each individual of the scanner can have their very own consideration and accessibility is through password-protected login. In our tests, scan quality was excellent, though the standard 200ppi decision is too reduced for OCR. The scanner can go around 600ppi, however the quoted 25ppm scan speed are at the low resolution. Color performance can be adequate, though it possibly wouldn’t match the visual musicians in your office. It is intended for basic office paperwork, maybe not artwork proofs or photos. The fi-6000NS may be collection to greyscale and black-and-white scanning, too, when needed.

Preservation is created easier by the incorporation of changeable feed rollers. Report dust and dirt, such as Post-It notice gum, will make a mess of the feed process over time, but the capacity to unclip and pop in an alternative roller should remedy any issues with mis-feeds. There exists a 12 month trade guarantee on the equipment, too, if anything more serious happens to it during their first year.

How to start your Download step by step:

  • Select your operating system before clicking the download button
  • Click the download button and you will be directed to the download page
  • Please wait a few seconds for the system to start the download.
  • Browse to where you downloaded the file and double click on the software file. Follow the on-screen instructions. Do the same with the driver.
  • Plug your printer into the USB port of the device and turn it on. Printer attached.

Fujitsu Fi-6000NS Software Download

fi-6010N System Software Update Version en001 .

fi-6010N fi Network Scanner Admin Tool Version en001 .

fi-6010N System Software Update Version in001

fi-6010N fi Network Scanner Admin Tool Version in001

Fujitsu Fi-6000NS Software Download